Expert Advisors on Metatrader 4

The well known Metatrader 4 (MT4) is a well adopted tool in the world of forex trading. It had such a growing success that it is still preferred to the new Metatrader 5. Besides allowing setting up orders it also contains most of the common indicators used

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ATM Skimming attacks and explosives!

When reading on ATM Skimming and article about using explosives on ATM for dispersing the cash and or read the credit card details and PIN's or magnetic strips with the help of the skimmers. It reminded me of my time living in Berlin, where I

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DDOS attack – Liberia

A highlight on a very recent DDOS attack from "We live security" blog: A highlight on the bot-net used in the attack from "Medium" site: And their excerpt on Liberia: "Over the past week we’ve seen continued short duration attacks on infrastructure in

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PiBakery example of Raspbian setup on boot

About PiBakery : PiBakery is a Scratch style program that helps you with pre-setup of Raspbian images. For everyone working often with Raspberry Pi's and creating new images of the system, re-installing system lots of times,  will notice it can be sometimes a bit hard

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