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On being a student developer

What are some of the interesting benefits you can get as a student on the world wide web, and how it may concern you as inspired young developer who will become an awesome entrepreneur in no time. Is there something out there lying in the [...]

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Keeping it cool

Last time I decided to write a bit my (little) experiences trading in bitcoin. Today I'll pick up where I left, specifically when one wants to find the best practices to enter and exit the market. It often seems easy to get some extra money [...]

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On Cardboard and VR in general

Today it's time to discuss a bit on VR side. Specifically the Cardboard Google principle one of which is manifested in this Viewmaster which I have been testing at home. Ok by itself VR is absolutely great and interesting, especially the likes of HTC Vive and [...]

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Programming books I like

The following are some of my books from IT & programming that I really like and found them interesting, for me, personally. Hopefully some other people will find an inspiration and usefulness of it's own in them. I know that majority of them is from [...]

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TM1638 Scrolling text on Arduino

The following explanation of the code and how it works and how to connect TM1638 (with led array, display and button array) to Arduino. For IDE and project Initialization I used PlatformIO and due to that and since it makes lots of stuff easier it [...]

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Learn to code through games

CODECOMBAT Cost: Free and Paid version ($9) Teacher support: YES Description:  It's quite cool! Supported languages as seen on the picture are Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Clojure and Lua. It's essentially a proper RPG where you control your character movements through writting the code to avoid [...]

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Top 5 Arduino integrated development environments ( IDE )

Original Arduino Software IDE Cost: Free Description:  Default IDE's environment developed by Arduino. Great starting point for beginners and with perfect connector to physical boards and delpoyment of code. Most of Environments use at least a bit of API or connection of Arduino software IDE [...]

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Want to learn electronics?

I was just exploring and playing roundabouts with my electronic kits, and it got me thinking. Maybe the world needs a kind of intuitive, different representation of many amateur accessible ecosystems regarding electronics and related resources. Now that intro is gone, lets start:   littleBits mini [...]

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Getting started on Bitcoin trading

I'm no serious trader, I've been trading Bitcoin for about a year now but I always felt like a complete rookie doing it. My overall balance was positive but only by chance, the BTCUSD pair suffered big fluctuations over the past 6 months and eventually [...]

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Upon the voyage beetwen the stars [POEM]

Title: Upon the voyage between the stars Author: Matjaz Trcek Description: Poem that talks about long abandoned home, destroyed by the ultimate fear of mankind, upon the travel through the stars, to new beginning to new life waiting at the other end. It can be [...]

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