Who we are

I am software developer who worked in many areas from eCommerce, game development to enterprise business solutions. I am proficient in many languages from PHP, Java,HTML5 to of course more, but I really love exploring new technologies and to tinker and learn in free time from Node.JS, Angular, Unity3D to playing with Raspberry Pi and beautiful cuddly Arduino.

As you can notice I also like to write articles on themes that interest me and find them usable for sharing to a wider audience. I love reading from philosophy, psychology and all the way to programming and math books&articles.

If you wish to check part of my personal portfolio feel free to do it here.

For mail feel free to send it to codeandunicorns@gmail.com

I am software engineer passionate about web and mobile technologies. Usually I present myself as a full-stack developer due to my professional involvement with Java, javascript and Php but I am definitely looking forward to learning other emerging languages. Currently I am learning Swift for iOS and I am keeping track with new developments with golang and rust. On my free time I love reading, coding and travelling.

I am a note making oriented person and keep a looong list of bookmarks, several entries on .txt files and even ink & paper scribbles. I decided I could put some of my personal research online on a blog open for public scrutiny and argumentation. If people find it interesting, awesomesauce, otherwise, I am hoping to learn with my own mistakes. Also, I must say I am happy to work with my friend Matjaz on this new project, code and unicorns.