ATM Skimming attacks and explosives!

When reading on ATM Skimming and article about using explosives on ATM for dispersing the cash and or read the credit card details and PIN’s or magnetic strips with the help of the skimmers.

It reminded me of my time living in Berlin, where I got used to check every single ATM and removing Skimmers on a mostly daily basis, since I would say at least in certain quarters of a city over 2/3’rds of ATM’s had skimmers installed. Most of them had a component inside the reader itself, that scanned the strip probably, which transmitted from the looks of it to a small black miniature box containing a SIM card or a magnetic reader as well. Ok enough on that, just in case if somebody sees some similarities.

The question is, what would be the best ways to keep ATM’s as secure as possible. A lot of them are still running on old technology, I saw some even running on DOS, Windows XP. And due to at least certain models having access to USB which can be abused by removing an extra panel.

The techniques used in skimming and other ATM related frauds are getting increasingly more sophisticated, what do you think the methodologies to decrease the effect to ATM’s could be ?

One of them is probably using relatively updated hardware, but noticing things like replaced PIN pads or semi in-built scanners can be sometimes really hard to detect.

In the bellow references I am attaching some interesting sources on the skimmers.


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