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Software engineer passionate about the web and mobile technologies. On my free time I usually read, code and travel.

Expert Advisors on Metatrader 4

The well known Metatrader 4 (MT4) is a well adopted tool in the world of forex trading. It had such a growing success that it is still preferred to the new Metatrader 5. Besides allowing setting up orders it also contains most of the common indicators used in trading. But what caught my eye was the ability to actually code the so-called expert advisors (EA) to intervene or to

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Keeping it cool

Last time I decided to write a bit my (little) experiences trading in bitcoin. Today I'll pick up where I left, specifically when one wants to find the best practices to enter and exit the market. It often seems easy to get some extra money by trading. You may start out with small amounts, get a few good deals and proceed to bid more and more. Getting

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Getting started on Bitcoin trading

I'm no serious trader, I've been trading Bitcoin for about a year now but I always felt like a complete rookie doing it. My overall balance was positive but only by chance, the BTCUSD pair suffered big fluctuations over the past 6 months and eventually I regained my money back with some small dividends. Small as they might have been though, I still earned a few times

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New years resolution

Here we are at the end of another year and have you noticed how everything around us is trying to lead us somewhere? Or to commit some action? Advertisements, signs, marks, instructions, manuals, mission statements, you name it. These are the manifestations of many other people out there. We are moved by trends and opinions all the time, unconsciously or not, and my question is - Is

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Startup developing

When you start on IT you can often follow different career paths. In fact that's what's so fun about it! You might like consulting and travelling around, become an expert in proprietary software for example, or if you're a natural speaker/story teller the options are limitless. Or you can also become an artisan developer and have broad knowledge about technology, putting your hands deep down on complex

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Sublime build systems and Mocha.js

Keeping your projects well organised and tested can bring some cool benefits besides the obvious often referred in the books. One I am really fond of is defining a uniform test structure in par with the source code. Something simple like: root |-src/index.js |-test/index_test.js .. and then adapt my Sublime editor to run my Mocha.js tests for the file I am currently working on. This is no

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Graph play

Using tables to store data in a database is so common many developers often apply the same relational-database-voodoo solutions and focus on code architecture instead. It's a convenient trap one might fall into when deadlines are tough or little attention is given to the type of information being stored. It's amazing how little graphs are considered as a solution to represent data, often perceived as too complex

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Sabbatical leave – II

Uff that was interesting... after a few months on the road I am finally settled and with me a whole new experience to tell the world. Regardless of the objectives established in the beginning of my journey the only thing I have to tell you is: Just do it. Looking back I had a few objectives for my escape, some money in my pocket and off I

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Genomes and object granularity – II

As I was finishing the previous part of these series on computational genomics I couldn't help myself to engage in an actual implementation of a genetic algorithm. But how can one start? Well I tell you... by doing it If you studied operational research the term genetic algorithm shouldn't be a novelty at all. It started as a theory for solving optimisation problems based on an approach (=

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Genomes and object granularity – I

I enjoy dedicating a good share of my free time reading and learning new skills. It is a necessary trait that keeps my sanity level high on day-to-day basis and helps me abstract from boring tasks at work. But when I do want to learn a new language I prefer having a decent and meaningful project that will keep me motivated. This time it all started with

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