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Senior lead developer currently working in Java, architecture design, mix of tech from Front-end in JS and templating to chef,rundeck etc. For fun and challenge I am writing different blog posts from stories to poems, programming tutorials and many more. Currently working on my Masters degree on a part-time basis.

Boilerplate for Electron with React and Material UI

I have created a boilerplate project for Electron used together in conjunction with React and Material UI, because too many projects in Javascript space have too many dependancies and it can be really hard for new developers to join this awesome community with so many options to explore! You can check github repo for the Electron boilerplate at the end of the post. The project itself uses

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Booktop – Raspberry Pi zero W powered laptop book

I was thinking to myself, you have lots of factors of laptops that fit in a size of a book. So why hasn't anybody did a Booktop? A nice book with a whole computer inside for your enjoyment? It can also be fairly incognito as additional perk. I am aware it looks a bit wonky on the first picture, but that's mostly wooden glue before i have

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Acer Travelmate 4150 retrofitting to Raspberry Pi Laptop: Part 2 – Working LCD and Raspbian

Explanation on setup I finally got the LCD LED controller. I spent some time to understand a bit better how it works. So basically from the LCD controller there is a connector with red/yellow/black lines going to driver board, which is needed for this old types of LCD monitors. From there it is connected with two cables to monitor itself. The cable covered in black thicker part

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Top 5 Kali Linux Pentest tools for WiFi/network and exploits

Aircrack-ng Aircrack is quite a useful tool. It focuses on several aspects of wifi connected security and breaking into Wifi for certain encryptions as well. For monitoring Aircrack provides: Capturing of packets and export of that data to text files for further processing. For Cracking: It can focus on relatively straightforward cracking of WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 & 2) For Testing: Checking of WiFi cards

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Treent Incorporated

Good morning sun, good morning everyone, the woody neurons inside my hollow head are waking into a lovely day a new. You may wander who am I, and what is going on as a reader of my notes, it may be me who is reading it when I'm old and senile, or audience that long forgotten about us and all that came before. Many years before no

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Creation of website – Generated CS Papers with Hugo

I have been playing recently with Static website generators such as Jekyll and Hugo. I wanted to do a quick demo mostly for myself to see it's performance and how it all ties together in a sense of structure and development. The following page: https://generatedcspapers.codeandunicorns.com/ is made with Hugo. DOMContentLoad takes approximately 172ms and Load in Chrome inspect around 246ms, with all together 3 requests, the website itself is

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Acer Travelmate 4150 retrofitting to Raspberry Pi Laptop: Part 1 – LCD and cleanup

First about the idea: I decided to try to create my own laptop with using one of older laptops not useful for anything else. Idea was to find a cheap one on ebay with working LCD and keyboard, ignoring everything else. Choosen laptop: Acer Travelmate 4150 15" Intel Centrino 1.73Ghz spares/rebuild. // Cost 15£ Perfect, It arrived fairly soon and everything seems to be in order. The

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Duplicity scp/ssh backup on raspberry Pi

[wp_ad_camp_1] I want to use duplicity to backup my cloud server on Linode (You can use AWS as well or any other provider through which you can scp/ssh). Why I want to use duplicity is also because or partial backups, since the first backup will be full and all continuous ones will be only for the difference in files. Why Raspberry pi? It's cheap, low power and

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Pibakery example of first setup with wifi and on boot VNC ( for updated version of pibakery)

Recently Pibakery has released an update with updated blocks, that changed quite a bit in comparison to previous versions and improved with several additions of the new building blocks or simplification of the previous ones. Now you even have cron job scheduler which is absolutely amazing! First boot: Let's start with taking a look at First boot part of the image above: We start with enabling VLC

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Finding faulty commit with git bisect

Recently the problem I have encountered was that the master got broken, possibly due to broken commit. Therefore I was investigating what would be the best and most appropriate way of finding a solution. Git bisect is a tool that uses binary search to find a faulty commit. Without something like this, your only other option is going through each of the commits until you found the

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