How to start Go like a pro

Presentation of my personal setup and suggestion for preparing a nice Go environment and some other resources in which you can feel comfortable to start bashing out the code. Lets have a quick lookup: Visual Code : On the Visual code install Go extension. Go (duh) But more importantly there are a nice of number tools that you would really want to run with Visual Code and Golang.

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Explosive Illy cans in France

It's normal there are issues in the production and that subsequently sometimes you need to issue a recall when issues arise after the actual distribution. But on the other hand there are also things that can not be justified and are ignorant on the responsibility of the company. Welcome to my issue, the still exploding Illy cans. Due to the changes of the design in the Illy

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Get weekly CPU usage function – AWS Python Lambda

Let's first cover the gist of the actual functionality that will be responsible for giving us averaged CPU utilization during a specific time frame. The code itself is a run of the mill kind of code but already coupled in a nice working example so quite easy adapted. If we take a look at the function bellow... import boto3 import sys from datetime import datetime, timedelta

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Whale-ing around the cosmos on engines old and rusty, Stopping at clusters on the way, To trade, to live to breathe. For I am a whale, many miles long, That’s it’s ocean is space, And air an atmosphere of any kind. Through machinery inside my nose, Conservation and conversion. From cluster to cluster, At ports the biggest I trade and share. For the pirate ants, Of millions

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Semi-detached love story

I’m a house on the Oxfordshire road up the left, You are the one, Looking at me every day. Opposite each other, But one in heart. The families of old 17th and 18th century cottages, All around. They despise what we have found, Love where there wasn’t one. What to do, When the whole society is against you? Begone, It’s enough! One night, When all other houses

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In the land of the free, Where you can do whatever you imagine, On condition, Of the holy chip inside your head. Whatever knowledge you want, At finger’s point, From the world wide web, Contained in corporation one. In a world, Where sex is lax and unbounded by society, But snipping obligatory, And reproduction strictly regulated. For a perfection of individual, Price needs to be paid. All

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Cuttlefish star

Cuddle cuddle that tiny cuttlefish. Through telescopes immersive, All eyes are glued to the asteroid going round n’ round the moon. On that tiny rock liquid water shines, And it’s borders with glassy crystals and metallic rock, Make a real treat for eyes to see. In months two ago, Cousins that divorced long ago have returned, Returned to home where they once were one. For what is

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Petri dish

For thee, dear Petri dish, Which supplies us knowledge, with culturing what we can not see, Thanks for the insights that enlighten us . Let us fill thee with agar, And as a chef fills his favourite dish, Enrich you! A bit salts, carbs,amino acids and blood, For mix to fully flourish, Adding a bit of dye, To make it easier to see. After the mix carefully

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When you look at yourself, In this modern day and age. Do you ever stop, To think to yourself? Do you ever stop, And see difference from the past? Merit knowledge we posses, Has exponentially evolved. There no point, To be petrified by yourself, Emotions that are in the loop, for the last million or so years. Embrace the newness, That the current future is. The possibilities

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Lively asteroid

Rotating slowly around axis of its own miniscule gravity, Small asteroid of mostly metallic mixture of elements, Just rotating round the giant planet made of gas, Radiating its interiors inside out. On surface miniature, molten lakes, small hills and crevices, Hosting life based on silicates and metals, Evolution boosted by radiated rays. Through years gone by, Sun ray absorbing crystals forming, With small domes and crops forming

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