Interesting command lines

Capture video Macbook webcam with cpu accelerated Captures video from webcam and encodes it using the accelerated hardware provided by videotoolbox framework. It takes about 20% cpu in a i5 2015 macbook air. ffmpeg -f avfoundation -framerate 30 -video_size 1280x720 -pix_fmt uyvy422 -i "0" -c:v h264_videotoolbox -profile:v high -b:v 3M -color_range 1 /tmp/out.mp4 Command-line russian roulette This command-line is so beautiful you don't even want to run

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How to setup automatic Lets Encrypt renewal with cronjob when using Easy Engine

It's a short but sweet mini-article. On my personal server I am using Easy Engine for easier setup of several pages, being WP or pure static websites. And nowadays everyone really love to use SSL, for a good reason of course I prefer to use Lets Encrypt SSL that is also part of an Easy Engine. If you want to automate the SSL renewal, I'd suggest placing this

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Smart home devices for 2017

In this collection which I am doing mostly for myself. I'm compiling a list of IoT devices that I want to use for my home automation. Majority of products should be compatible with modern hubs such as Alexa. Even though my aim is to make everything connected via OpenHAB and Alexa. Some of the products are not really properly tested but if it at least inspires you,

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Java GUI terminal interaction example

The following example will go over following Github repo created specifically for this. Github: It was primarily aimed to provide a bit of exploration space since I was looking at several ways to automate a couple of my workflows, so I explored through Java, Node.JS, terminal solutions etc. In the current iteration of the project certain things are already prepared. The main class, that calls the

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Hello world with Node.JS 9.1.0 & Express 4.16.*

Sometimes, when you are picking up a new piece of tech it's hard to get started in it, since some of the things can be quite different to what you are used. The following article and the one that will follow are meant to provide as straightforward solutions as possible, with Github code examples that you can download. All the code example will try to reference the

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Touch bar (Macbook pro) terminal automation – Better Touch Tool

Recently I upgraded my work computer to MacBook Pro 13 " with the new touch bar. But to be totally honest I quite dislike the default customisability of the touch bar that is included in os X by default. After a careful and in depth review of different solutions that could be use to amend that situation I stumbled upon BetterTouchTool (BTT in short), which is a

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Using OVPN as secure centralisation to your workstation

Why? Why did I choose OVPN for me in this case? In short, this are the reasons: Server location in Germany and Sweden DNScrypt support Their infrastructure does not store logs, neither their Custom Debian system has any support for SATA or USB. Swedish jurisdiction P2P protocol support allowed And static IP4 support for centralisation in my case some other add-ons that you can check on their website but I don't

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Boilerplate for Electron with React and Material UI

I have created a boilerplate project for Electron used together in conjunction with React and Material UI, because too many projects in Javascript space have too many dependancies and it can be really hard for new developers to join this awesome community with so many options to explore! You can check github repo for the Electron boilerplate at the end of the post. The project itself uses

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Booktop – Raspberry Pi zero W powered laptop book

I was thinking to myself, you have lots of factors of laptops that fit in a size of a book. So why hasn't anybody did a Booktop? A nice book with a whole computer inside for your enjoyment? It can also be fairly incognito as additional perk. I am aware it looks a bit wonky on the first picture, but that's mostly wooden glue before i have

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