Installing Docker on Linode with WordPress image

After creating your new Debian/Ubuntu instance on your Linode manager console follow following steps. Instance update and docker install 1.) To upgrade your Linux instance with the newest relevant updates, to get our instance up to date (in our case running Ubuntu) . apt-get upgrade apt-get update 2.) There is an issue with Linode and Docker with dependancies, therefore following command needs to be run as well

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Expert Advisors on Metatrader 4

The well known Metatrader 4 (MT4) is a well adopted tool in the world of forex trading. It had such a growing success that it is still preferred to the new Metatrader 5. Besides allowing setting up orders it also contains most of the common indicators used in trading. But what caught my eye was the ability to actually code the so-called expert advisors (EA) to intervene or to

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Programming books I like

The following are some of my books from IT & programming that I really like and found them interesting, for me, personally. Hopefully some other people will find an inspiration and usefulness of it's own in them. I know that majority of them is from Manning but what can I do, they make really good books in this genre :) Java 8 in Action JAVA developers, unite!

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TM1638 Scrolling text on Arduino

The following explanation of the code and how it works and how to connect TM1638 (with led array, display and button array) to Arduino. For IDE and project Initialization I used PlatformIO and due to that and since it makes lots of stuff easier it generates project in C++ with lots os useful configs pre-prepared and if your using Git you will find already prepared .git-ignore file

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Learn to code through games

CODECOMBAT Cost: Free and Paid version ($9) Teacher support: YES Description:  It's quite cool! Supported languages as seen on the picture are Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Clojure and Lua. It's essentially a proper RPG where you control your character movements through writting the code to avoid obstacles and collect all the collectibles on the way. CODEINGAME Cost: Free for developers Teacher support: NO Description: This is certainly for

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Top 5 Arduino integrated development environments ( IDE )

Original Arduino Software IDE Cost: Free Description:  Default IDE's environment developed by Arduino. Great starting point for beginners and with perfect connector to physical boards and delpoyment of code. Most of Environments use at least a bit of API or connection of Arduino software IDE to deploy the code to boards themselves. I seriously suggest installing this IDE just in case as an obligatory part of your favourite software choice

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Android Google Vision API project example part 2

In this part of the code we are going in depth of overlays of previews and Google Vision API. The next part of the code will be properly commented so the read out should be easier JAVA part /** * Created by mitola on 22/08/15. */ public class FaceView extends View { private Bitmap mBitmap; // Initi of Bitmap private SparseArray<Face> mFaces; // And Faces

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Android Google Vision project example part 1

The following article is an example of using Google Vision API which was recently released by Google. The Vision API is capable of detecting smiles, winks and multiple faces in the picture, as well as providing multiple reference points from which you can define and use your own programmable detections and behaviours. In the following example the smile probability is used together with displaying the camera live

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Easy async API requests on localhost

There comes a time for API developers when it’s handy to debug on localhost, the problem is that normally there are numerous asynchronous requests from third party API’s which can prove difficult to debug. As an example, recently I was required to work on a custom payment system based on Woocommerce and PayPal’s Adaptive Payments, and I needed to check the PayPal’s IPN request hooked to Woocommerce

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Exploration into simple Braille reader with Arduino

If you ever checked for Braille displays you may noticed they are terribly expensive. A "normal" one with a good sentence of characters can cost in thousands of dollars. Which is well quite expensive. So it got me thinking what I could do to make a basic Braille display which could potentially be a lot more cost effective? And I dived into imaginary world of Arduino where

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