On being a student developer

What are some of the interesting benefits you can get as a student on the world wide web, and how it may concern you as inspired young developer who will become an awesome entrepreneur in no time. Is there something out there lying in the riches of tomorrow? Github developer pack for students: From private Github repositories for free, since you are beloved student, to a year

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Want to learn electronics?

I was just exploring and playing roundabouts with my electronic kits, and it got me thinking. Maybe the world needs a kind of intuitive, different representation of many amateur accessible ecosystems regarding electronics and related resources. Now that intro is gone, lets start:   littleBits mini ecosystem You don't have much idea about electronics but still want to play and do some pretty cool functional and actually usable

Antipatterns in software development

Recently I was diving deep into Antipatterns and found them terribly interesting. Here is a list of quite many different sourced possible antipatterns and their wag abound descriptions. Big ball of mud: Simple way of saying it: An apocalyptic mess. It lacks an understandable and coherent architecture, it can happen commonly due to big pressure, unsustainable growth and need to fix it fast and dirty to make it

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Space simulation

  This is a current snapshot from game which is basically space simulation. It is driven by GUI and complex calculations in backend with addition of beautiful planets that are reseambling real planets as much as possible. In space simulation there are already over 20 sample planets and basic and exotic currencies are already in the working order. More is soon to follow

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Collection of Blender tutorials

In the following post is a collection of various Blender tutorials, links to them, with a bit of description and other interesting other things. The Blender cookie site provides many interesting tutorials for you to start with 3D modeling, animations, and rendering till you will not want to render anymore. It's trully a vast collection of tutorials, except of their Tutorials and the first link Getting started,

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4 Free OS (operating system) alternatives

My top 4 free OS (Operating systems) Here are my personal TOP 4 free OS (operating systems) each with different advantages and disadvantages which I’ll describe in more detail below. All the selected OSes are aswell free and at least some not that hard to adopt even to less experienced users. I equiped each of the Oses with a picture and hyperlink through which you can access

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