Lively asteroid

Rotating slowly around axis of its own miniscule gravity, Small asteroid of mostly metallic mixture of elements, Just rotating round the giant planet made of gas, Radiating its interiors inside out. On surface miniature, molten lakes, small hills and crevices, Hosting life based on silicates and metals, Evolution boosted by radiated rays. Through years gone by, Sun ray absorbing crystals forming, With small domes and crops forming

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Reboot reborn

Thousand years have passed since I woke from a slumber last time. Distress and confusion, always days or weeks till body adjusts. It takes time, for the brains and the functions to resume to it’s normal state. My tentacles moving slowly through caves eroded, Raising the dam of sub-terran lake for provision of electricity of mini hydro-plant. Sensors activating, for check into refilling of the lake, from

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For thy sun has long forgotten what it means to be alive, For he has scoured the skies with brothers of mothers unaccounted for. How long has been, since his eyes have saw, How long until he rests again in rumble of the void? Circling in the years one hundred a million, Around the grand keeper of souls, Around himself planets moving as electrons around neutrons in

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Brother’s love

Throughout the eons of yesterday’s, I have watched you. Watched your fiery soul develop, melt and burn. Reshaping through time forever more, forming bumps and cracks till flat ain’t no more. Your valleys deep condense with water, your tops moisten into clouds and drops, marking the landscape in blue and white. Through eons passed you evolved into being a new, forming habitats uncounted and life in variations

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Kubernetes Dashboard with kops

Following is an example of simplest possible setup of dashboard add-on for kops. By default we utilize the official yaml configuration which already works fabulously with basic user-authentication. That should be perfect for a very small or one person team. Generally though, it is very smart to double check security of the monitoring service itself and extend upon it. First run the yaml configuration of kops dashboard

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docker-compose Jenkins with persistent data

This guide will focus on the local environment for now, but should be easy to adapt to higher env's. The focus of the guide is how to run Jenkins image, add changes to it, and load then on next start. Create a following file on your local machine and go to that location in the terminal. docker-compose.yaml file: version: '2' services: jenkins: image: 'jenkins/jenkins:lts' labels: kompose.service.type:

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Git pull a project and more – Better touch tool – TouchBar

This is a short tutorial on how to setup Terminal command with Better touch tool in one of my use cases. In my case I used Synchronous blocking terminal command that git pulls from the repo and at the same time remakes changes to one configuration file to prepare it for local development.  Get BTT and install it Under TouchBar add a Global TouchBar button.  (Of course you

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Interesting command lines

Capture video Macbook webcam with cpu accelerated Captures video from webcam and encodes it using the accelerated hardware provided by videotoolbox framework. It takes about 20% cpu in a i5 2015 macbook air. ffmpeg -f avfoundation -framerate 30 -video_size 1280x720 -pix_fmt uyvy422 -i "0" -c:v h264_videotoolbox -profile:v high -b:v 3M -color_range 1 /tmp/out.mp4 Command-line russian roulette This command-line is so beautiful you don't even want to run

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How to setup automatic Lets Encrypt renewal with cronjob when using Easy Engine

It's a short but sweet mini-article. On my personal server I am using Easy Engine for easier setup of several pages, being WP or pure static websites. And nowadays everyone really love to use SSL, for a good reason of course I prefer to use Lets Encrypt SSL that is also part of an Easy Engine. If you want to automate the SSL renewal, I'd suggest placing this

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