Gorvak – Sentient species of trees in a far away land

Poems are an alternative way of how to put imagination into writing. And in the following one I have imagined a world of sentient tree like beings in a nitrogenic atmosphere with their conscious great but working in a different way and speed to what we may be used to. It gives I hope also a good representation of possible challenges when encountering foreign species sooner or

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Upon the voyage beetwen the stars [POEM]

Title: Upon the voyage between the stars Author: Matjaz Trcek Description: Poem that talks about long abandoned home, destroyed by the ultimate fear of mankind, upon the travel through the stars, to new beginning to new life waiting at the other end. It can be of course interpreted in a free way as metaphors of different kind. Enjoy! Through the stars we roam, encased into eternal sleep,

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Love is all [POEM]

For Chezi... poem: Love is all I see a wall, impregnable fortress of walls, that look like mountains, all the way to the sky high. O miss from the garden of Eve, I am doomed, What can I do? There's no way, no solution in sight, happiness unreachable. The sky darkens, stormy clouds suddenly appear, ground beneath my feet opens and swallows me whole, engulfed in earthy

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