Treent Incorporated

Good morning sun, good morning everyone, the woody neurons inside my hollow head are waking into a lovely day a new. You may wander who am I, and what is going on as a reader of my notes, it may be me who is reading it when I'm old and senile, or audience that long forgotten about us and all that came before. Many years before no

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Observation analysis of Messier 31 super massive black hole

From a viewpoint of objective observer at centre of galaxy identified as Messier 31 or as known "Andromeda galaxy" by the robotic observer of high elevation of AI it appears that the super massive black hole at the centre, harbours different characteristics to previously identified patterns in the database. Based on currently collected data, the constant flow of energy and mass from the central star clusters close

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Revintas travel

Motors are humming into a silent dawn. My head resting quietly onto glass of magnificent machine, that is carrying us over terrain unknown. Eyes slowly opening, watching horizon grow into a mixture of colours. Ranging from light blue, and encompassing into 2 rings, one bigger with a darker blood red and another smaller one of yellow with a slow transformation with addition of a green shade which

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