On being a student developer

What are some of the interesting benefits you can get as a student on the world wide web, and how it may concern you as inspired young developer who will become an awesome entrepreneur in no time. Is there something out there lying in the riches of tomorrow? Github developer pack for students: From private Github repositories for free, since you are beloved student, to a year

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Programming books I like

The following are some of my books from IT & programming that I really like and found them interesting, for me, personally. Hopefully some other people will find an inspiration and usefulness of it's own in them. I know that majority of them is from Manning but what can I do, they make really good books in this genre :) Java 8 in Action JAVA developers, unite!

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Learn to code through games

CODECOMBAT Cost: Free and Paid version ($9) Teacher support: YES Description:  It's quite cool! Supported languages as seen on the picture are Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Clojure and Lua. It's essentially a proper RPG where you control your character movements through writting the code to avoid obstacles and collect all the collectibles on the way. CODEINGAME Cost: Free for developers Teacher support: NO Description: This is certainly for

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Top 5 Arduino integrated development environments ( IDE )

Original Arduino Software IDE Cost: Free Description:  Default IDE's environment developed by Arduino. Great starting point for beginners and with perfect connector to physical boards and delpoyment of code. Most of Environments use at least a bit of API or connection of Arduino software IDE to deploy the code to boards themselves. I seriously suggest installing this IDE just in case as an obligatory part of your favourite software choice

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Antipatterns in software development

Recently I was diving deep into Antipatterns and found them terribly interesting. Here is a list of quite many different sourced possible antipatterns and their wag abound descriptions. Big ball of mud: Simple way of saying it: An apocalyptic mess. It lacks an understandable and coherent architecture, it can happen commonly due to big pressure, unsustainable growth and need to fix it fast and dirty to make it

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Android Google Vision API project example part 2

In this part of the code we are going in depth of overlays of previews and Google Vision API. The next part of the code will be properly commented so the read out should be easier JAVA part /** * Created by mitola on 22/08/15. */ public class FaceView extends View { private Bitmap mBitmap; // Initi of Bitmap private SparseArray<Face> mFaces; // And Faces

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Android Google Vision project example part 1

The following article is an example of using Google Vision API which was recently released by Google. The Vision API is capable of detecting smiles, winks and multiple faces in the picture, as well as providing multiple reference points from which you can define and use your own programmable detections and behaviours. In the following example the smile probability is used together with displaying the camera live

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Simple broad web crawler with Java

The following article is a a very simple presentation with examples and explanation regarding the web crawler I made in Java. The idea behind it was to make portable (Java+Sqllite - No install needed for DB) and simple (The program was not designed to be scalable, be multithreaded, store a lot of data about the site or make a clever ranking, but it was rather aimed as

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Format € money snippet

The following function transforms the inputed numeric value for example var sum = 50.3 sum.formatMoney(2,',' , '.') + "€" and the output of this function is then 50,30€. As you notice it is quite simple to change it in $ or anything you desire. Number.prototype.formatMoney = function(c, d, t){ var n = this, c = isNaN(c = Math.abs(c)) ? 2 : c, d = d ==

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3 Data validation methods in javascript

Function is isValideDate can be used for example on a string data.isValideDate() to confirm that date is in correct format like these 2 for example: 04-11-2012 4-11-12 The isNumeric function is used same way with data.isNumeric() on a string and the function is used validation if the whole input is numeric String.prototype.isValidDate = function() { var IsoDateRe = new RegExp("^([0-9]{2})-([0-9]{2})-([0-9]{4})$"); var matches = IsoDateRe.exec(this); if (!matches)

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