Antipatterns in software development

Recently I was diving deep into Antipatterns and found them terribly interesting. Here is a list of quite many different sourced possible antipatterns and their wag abound descriptions. Big ball of mud: Simple way of saying it: An apocalyptic mess. It lacks an understandable and coherent architecture, it can happen commonly due to big pressure, unsustainable growth and need to fix it fast and dirty to make it

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New years resolution

Here we are at the end of another year and have you noticed how everything around us is trying to lead us somewhere? Or to commit some action? Advertisements, signs, marks, instructions, manuals, mission statements, you name it. These are the manifestations of many other people out there. We are moved by trends and opinions all the time, unconsciously or not, and my question is - Is

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Android Google Vision project example part 1

The following article is an example of using Google Vision API which was recently released by Google. The Vision API is capable of detecting smiles, winks and multiple faces in the picture, as well as providing multiple reference points from which you can define and use your own programmable detections and behaviours. In the following example the smile probability is used together with displaying the camera live

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Genomes and object granularity – I

I enjoy dedicating a good share of my free time reading and learning new skills. It is a necessary trait that keeps my sanity level high on day-to-day basis and helps me abstract from boring tasks at work. But when I do want to learn a new language I prefer having a decent and meaningful project that will keep me motivated. This time it all started with

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