Collection of Blender tutorials

In the following post is a collection of various Blender tutorials, links to them, with a bit of description and other interesting other things.

The Blender cookie site provides many interesting tutorials for you to start with 3D modeling, animations, and rendering till you will not want to render anymore. It’s trully a vast collection of tutorials, except of their Tutorials and the first link Getting started, i would suggest you first do a bit more of beginner tutorials.

The tutorials on site are also very good, although a bit unorganized and many of them are quite hard and i would suggest them for more advanced users.

Here is another collection of various choosen tutorials from tutsplus site, which is very nicely graphical represented so your choice will be as easy as hitting the render button.

One of the sites which i, myself used is also used is THIS ONE. They have really nicely sorted tutorials varying from begginer experience and many things aswell for very advanced users. Their list can certainly be of great help due to their great collection.

One site which trys partly to mimic the Blender program itself in their design is tutorialsforblender3dThe collection isn’t vast it relatively limiting but whatever floats your boat hopefully someone will find more use from it than me so i am posting it anyway. But they have nice dividence into logic blocks, python programing, quite versatile categories which is definitely a plus!

A site with a great design, and bloggish style of new tutorials and also quite regulary updated which is superb last tutorial was uploaded 6 day ago which i would say is quite up to date. The site name is blendtuts . Just click on the name and it will take you to their site.

And one of my personal favourites, the looks may be old and ugly but i like the tutorials very much 🙂 I present you gryllus

The final page is the blenderguru! You may ask why? well guru of blending the blenders who blend is a top notch high quality tutorial maker that’s why! Enjoy the tutorials.

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