Explosive Illy cans in France

It’s normal there are issues in the production and that subsequently sometimes you need to issue a recall when issues arise after the actual distribution. But on the other hand there are also things that can not be justified and are ignorant on the responsibility of the company.

Welcome to my issue, the still exploding Illy cans. Due to the changes of the design in the Illy cans at least some of them, or even all of them ? (Not a professional on their material design so can’t really comment) from harder metal foil to proper can design, it seems that the build up gas and subsequent increased pressure in the can can cause it to explode.

In my case it was after I tried to really gently pry it open with the handle as can be seen on the later picture. But instead of being slowly open it exploded with pushing a lot of coffee all over me as well as all my surroundings (Luckily I had glasses on). As well as upper part forcibly opening, it created also a bent in the bottom of the can.

The biggest complaint I have in regards to this is that in May it got recalled in US but there doesn’t seem to be same thing going on as I have bought the can in late June of 2018. This makes me wonder and presuming thats probably beacuse recall was only US based, and they didn’t wish to issue it for Europe as well?

This is a warning, be careful when opening the Illy cans while they have this kind of design, hopefully it will be fixed in Europe as well.

This is my formal complaint, well together with the officially submitted one, since I found that totally unacceptable. The can itself was bought in Geant Casino in St. Louis, France.


From Newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/illy-coffee-can-recall-whole-bean-consumer-product-safety-commission-lids-924666

From GlobalNews / Canada:

Recall issued for ‘illy’ brand coffee beans due to explosion hazard

From GlobalCoffeeReport: http://gcrmag.com/news/article/illy-coffee-cans-recalled-over-fears-lids-may-explode

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