New years resolution

Here we are at the end of another year and have you noticed how everything around us is trying to lead us somewhere? Or to commit some action? Advertisements, signs, marks, instructions, manuals, mission statements, you name it. These are the manifestations of many other people out there. We are moved by trends and opinions all the time, unconsciously or not, and my question is – Is this good?.

As you grow up we are trained to learn so that one day we can get a stable job, have a family and somehow have a “fruitful” life. All these notions are relative as we can easily see everywhere. Many care about money, others care about family, some care about religion, some just want to be left alone in peace or to live in conflict. There are basically numerous paths one can follow and still grow a “fruitful” life. If we expand and look into Nature and other forms of life we can even observe more different points of view between all living beings and as though humans have a high environmental impact, so does many other species, otherwise humans would be the only ones with opposable thumbs to manipulate the environment and that’s not true.

So can “fruitful” be the aggregation of evolutionary experiences? It seems so. Every living being evolved into what they are today even growing up in different places alone helps shaping a different point of view. Humans developed efficient communication means so that information could be carried between generations, information became the glue on which civilisations rely upon to carry knowledge but we can’t help but to print on each opinion, fact or philosophy our own evolutionary signature our own uuids.

Every person’s project can indeed be a real world problem under a philosophical point of view. We are told to keep fighting, keep trying, good or bad, eventually evolution will take over, we will make less mistakes and everything will work out and one’s objectives will become the “fruits” of labor. Failure is a learning experience – we should fail often and learn as much as possible. But if from every experience it derives by-products what’s left when failure happens? Garbage, garbage in all factors. Useless enterprises, useless ideas, useless lifestyles, too much information too little value. Who said common sense is common in the first place? If it were there wouldn’t be so many problems in the world, right? There wouldn’t be so many useless efforts and consequently useless information.

So how do we cope with that much information entropy? We find ways to passively categorise and filter information, which essentially is an euphemism for ignoring information. And that might be good actually, maybe we should focus on the real world instead? Stop this reverie already…

As we reach the sunset of 2015 I believe one of the most valuable conclusion I have learned and that I hope to carry with myself on years to follow not just as a new years resolution but as a way of life is:

With each passing year there seems to exist too much “do” and too little “do it right”.

I truly hope the trend for years to come is doing it right and putting more effort in making the world (even if slightly) a better place.

Happy new year!


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