PiBakery example of Raspbian setup on boot

About PiBakery : PiBakery is a Scratch style program that helps you with pre-setup of Raspbian images. For everyone working often with Raspberry Pi's and creating new images of the system, re-installing system lots of times,  will notice it can be sometimes a bit hard

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Search implementation mini-stack

Recently I was investigating what would be a way of implementing custom search in a CMS I am working at the moment, and part of conclusions was quite interesting and I thought it deserves it's own thought as a minor blog post. For getting the

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On being a student developer

What are some of the interesting benefits you can get as a student on the world wide web, and how it may concern you as inspired young developer who will become an awesome entrepreneur in no time. Is there something out there lying in the

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Keeping it cool

Last time I decided to write a bit my (little) experiences trading in bitcoin. Today I'll pick up where I left, specifically when one wants to find the best practices to enter and exit the market. It often seems easy to get some extra money

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On Cardboard and VR in general

Today it's time to discuss a bit on VR side. Specifically the Cardboard Google principle one of which is manifested in this Viewmaster which I have been testing at home. Ok by itself VR is absolutely great and interesting, especially the likes of HTC Vive and

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Programming books I like

The following are some of my books from IT & programming that I really like and found them interesting, for me, personally. Hopefully some other people will find an inspiration and usefulness of it's own in them. I know that majority of them is from

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