Want to learn electronics?

I was just exploring and playing roundabouts with my electronic kits, and it got me thinking. Maybe the world needs a kind of intuitive, different representation of many amateur accessible ecosystems regarding electronics and related resources. Now that intro is gone, lets start:   littleBits mini

Getting started on Bitcoin trading

I'm no serious trader, I've been trading Bitcoin for about a year now but I always felt like a complete rookie doing it. My overall balance was positive but only by chance, the BTCUSD pair suffered big fluctuations over the past 6 months and eventually

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Upon the voyage beetwen the stars [POEM]

Title: Upon the voyage between the stars Author: Matjaz Trcek Description: Poem that talks about long abandoned home, destroyed by the ultimate fear of mankind, upon the travel through the stars, to new beginning to new life waiting at the other end. It can be

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Antipatterns in software development

Recently I was diving deep into Antipatterns and found them terribly interesting. Here is a list of quite many different sourced possible antipatterns and their wag abound descriptions. Big ball of mud: Simple way of saying it: An apocalyptic mess. It lacks an understandable and coherent

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New years resolution

Here we are at the end of another year and have you noticed how everything around us is trying to lead us somewhere? Or to commit some action? Advertisements, signs, marks, instructions, manuals, mission statements, you name it. These are the manifestations of many other

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Love is all [POEM]

For Chezi... poem: Love is all I see a wall, impregnable fortress of walls, that look like mountains, all the way to the sky high. O miss from the garden of Eve, I am doomed, What can I do? There's no way, no solution in

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Startup developing

When you start on IT you can often follow different career paths. In fact that's what's so fun about it! You might like consulting and travelling around, become an expert in proprietary software for example, or if you're a natural speaker/story teller the options are

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