PiBakery example of Raspbian setup on boot

About PiBakery :

PiBakery is a Scratch style program that helps you with pre-setup of Raspbian images. For everyone working often with Raspberry Pi’s and creating new images of the system, re-installing system lots of times, ¬†will notice it can be sometimes a bit hard and problematic to keep everything properly up to date. And in this case PiBakery really comes in handy with it’s block based structure

So after the short introduction, lets dive into it:



Sample of the new interface screen. Different blocks that you can use are categorized on the left side with ability to import, export you configurations in the upper right part of the interface.

When you create your preconfigured scheme you will be ready to click Write and create your new image.


I have created a short example of the First boot and every boot scripts through which i’ll guide you now.

I am using Raspberry pi version 3 therefore The first block after startup is to connect to WiFi via your desired network SSID, pass and encryption.

After the WIFI setup, i run synaptic apt-get install to get the package manager which i personally prefer.

After that running apt-get for Raspbian update and upgrade to update to the newest version of the raspberry and all the bug fixes, etc.

On finishing all of that we install VNC server with your preferred pass to let you connect via VNC to hack and create on your raspberry through remote desktop as I much prefer to do.


Following that, let’s not forget to change the pass to our preferred one, and setting the boot option to either terminal or Desktop. In my case I do like to use the GUI and mostly using it for home related hacking so no need for too much security, for now.



At the end a short part for On Every boot block. Here I have only added a Run VNC server on the Raspberry, since after every startup it makes it easier to simply connect via GUI.

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