Playing with game prototypes

In the following article you can see the recent game prototypes we created while exploring different approaches, ideas and making rapidly developed prototypes with different set of mechanics to see which one is the most fun to play and gives you the most immerse feeling 🙂

Most of the prototypes were meant to be used on mobile (Android and iOS) only, with maybe one or two exceptions that could be nicely modified for different devices.

All the examples were done in Unity 3D using C# language.

Geometry racer:

In geometry racer game prototype the goal is to press the same sign as the racer will encounter next. The pace is meant to increase with time together with frequency of signs. You can look on it as an endless runner game featuring different set of mechanics to what you are used to.

Star ride:

One of my favourite from the whole list. I catched myself playing it and trying it over and over again. In the Star ride game you are a big blue ball which uses gravitational field of the planets to progress forward to your goal (Maybe a star or maybe a long lost red ball ?). Prototype features 3D planet bodies with rotation a nice parallax in the background and a lot of potential for the future 🙂

Swipe blitz:

Did you heard for Candy Crush Saga? You probably did and now you can finally hear for Swipe Blitz as well ( Or El Torororado? ). The game prototype is already a year or two old but features nice mechanics where you connect same coloured heads with occasional Joker or a bomb that makes a big Kaboom. If your combo is high enough, you can even see a wall of fire, glorifying your awesome achievement!

Cube colour collector:

The 3D cube colour collector! Or with a rephrased sentence: You’re a big cube destined to touch it’s sides to corresponding colour on the ground. So the green side to the green bottom and the same goes for red. As an extra you have a rainbow bottom which you can touch with any coloured surface. You could look at it as  Joker in a card game. The game also features different set of parameters which you can choose before you start.

Memory game:

This is well a classic that survived for many decades. It’s a concentration memory game used for practising your neuron cells in memory department 🙂 In this case it consists of different shapes and colours which need to be matched to move to the next level which is faster by the minute. The timer itself is embedded in a background as a yellow gradient slowly taking over the whole back. When it reaches the top, game ends.


I hope you enjoyed a short demonstration of our prototypes, any feedback is highly appreciated 🙂

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