Most popular Linux distributions for Hacking and Penetration Testing in 2016

Kali Linux

Kali linux which contains more then 300 security penetration tools ranging from  Artmitage which is a cyber attack managment tool, nmap which is unmissable port scanner for your everyday security analyst of your beautiful network. as well as a Wireshark for analysing packets, John the ripper which can crack your password with a nice bit of charm.

It contains loads of other tools from Burp suite to web application security scanners and LAN penetration suite. Can run great from Live CD or USB. It may helped it’s popularity with it’s inclusion of the infamous Mr. Robot series about hacking as well.

It originates from Debian and can run on 32 and 64-bit on x86 as well as ARM from beaglebone, raspberry Pi and Chromebooks. Personally i have only tested it currently on HP Chromebook and works like a charm, even though the installation process via crouton gave me lots of headaches.

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Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS provides a lighter environment which is highly compatible within      installed packages and provides a fully fledged OS which is meant to be used mostly for forensics in digital world, with many legally recognized tools that deal with cryptography pen testing and multitude of other penetration testing roles, and of course ethical hacking as well. Parrot Sec as a company also provides cloud pentesting which can be great since novadays everything goes all the way to the mighty clouds…

Some of the included features include:

  • Metasploit framework
  • Anonsurf
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BlackArch Linux is  an Arch Linux based distro around penetration testing and research into security of the systems and ethical hacking. It has a repository consisting of over 1.5k tools all of which can be installed in groups or on need only basis as with majority of the distros, if not, it’s Linux, so go Linux on it 🙂

They do seem to be at least semi-regulary updated with a website though, which leaves something to be desired. overall an interesting distro which is basically an Arch overloaded on steroids towards all the useful tools for everyday research! Worth a look for sure.

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Recently release ArchStrike coming from previously known ArchAssault is another beautiful Linux distribution for your needs!

So what is the point of Arch strike in comparison to pure Arch linux? Well, it is basically a layer on top of the Arch linux itself and can be added or removed without any special hastle, even though you do have ISO images of ArchStrike available on their official website.

It contains more than 1.200th top penetration testing tools for analysing security of your network and hardware as well as your organisation or a client.

In short it’s a good Kali linux alternative and worth a try!

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