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Project Description

Mosaic is an application developed to let people create their own simple mosaics or pixel art. You are able to create pictures with different levels of detail depending on the grid you select. Chose 32×32 pixel large squares for low, 16×16 pixel for medium and 8×8 pixel for high level of detail. On lower end devices high level of detail might cause some performance issues due to amount of processing required.

Once you create your beautiful picture save it as PNG or JPG to your phone, it will immediately show in your gallery. Use it as a background or share it with friends!

If you have time, comment and rate the application, but most of all have fun with it!

It is also very useful for a sprite builder especially in pixel style 🙂

Application was developed with AndEngine , an engine that lets you create high performance games and applications using OpenGL version 1 or 2 . The engine itself is mostly used in 2D retrospective and 2D looking games, but you can also make applications of your desire. For IDE, i used Eclipse which is great in terms of expandibility and in adjustability of IDE itself to specific needs.

If you are interested in additional info, feel free to leave an email through contact form.

Author of specified work: Matjaž Trček

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