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Project Description

Run of the Goblin is my first published game on Google play market. It was made in AndEngine with use of Java programming language in Eclipse IDE. The graphics are mostly custom made with use of Gimp/Gimpshop software. If you are interested in more details feel free to email me through contact form.


It is a time great misery. Our kind has suffered many years under the opression of the surface dwellers. We as a peacefull race, have never visited the overworld. But the latest turn of events, has forced our elders to declare war against humans.
Three Moons ago, some Sun lovers entered our underground city, killed seven of our guards, and worst of all, they have stolen our most precious posession, the sacred swords of Aqwavir. They hid the swords in various locations, guarded by deep holes, tall walls and worst of all the unholy substance they call water.
You have been chosen, you who fought in the Thousand year war, our hero, the hero of Arrkilan. Your mission is not going to be easy, you will have to jump, jump as noone has jumped before, and collect the swords of Aqwavir.

You are our only hope, as only with the swords our kind has a chance for peace. Go now, the adventure awaits.

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Google play link: Run of the Goblin

Author of specified work: Matjaž Trček

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