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Project Description

And a result of a few hours work is here. It is one of the best memo games reworked into 3D evironment. It’s also available on google play store through THIS LINK . As you can see in the pictures it tracks your score and your achieved level. Hope you enjoy in a beautiful clean and neat design. If you have any suggestions, just write us an email.


Test your memory with the best ‘Simon’ style game on the market!
Can you achieve your own highscore?
Test your visual and hearing memory with the best classic Simon 3D style game on this market!

Simple but challenging: Repeat the colors and sounds in the correct orders, but beware its round it start randomly and gets progressivelly harder!
For now with 4 color mode and more to come!

More addons and features soon to come!

Author of specified work: Matjaž Trček

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Google play