Do you smile?

Project description Project description: A short prototype app experimenting with new Google Vision API which can be seen here. The app is published on Google play store and can

Maintenance of Sloventure website. Primary focus of the website is promotion of Slovenian tourism for German speaking visitors. Author of specified work: Matjaž Trček

Design of webpage with PS. Regarding development of the website it was done using Wordpress CMS system with addition of custom written modules for auto-content updates in wordpress API, PHP and a bit of

Mercedes-Benz eCommerce site maintenance

Worked as a code maintainer (bugfixes, website updates etc.) for mostly eCommerce part of Mercedes-Benz website system in Russian territories. Most of the work was in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Time duration: Several months Author

Simon 3D

And a result of a few hours work is here. It is one of the best memo games reworked into 3D evironment. It’s also available on google play store through THIS LINK . As you can see

Mosaic builder

Mosaic is an application developed to let people create their own simple mosaics or pixel art. You are able to create pictures with different levels of detail depending on the grid you select. Chose 32x32