OVO Energy

Working in OVO Energy and developing and maintaining OVO Energy website. My function was dealing with stakeholders, backend development, architecture design, dealing with AWS and automation pipelines. I worked there beetwen 2015 and 2018 while focusing on as well on my Masters in Computer Science Some of the tech stack included: Java: Hippo CMS Java EE


Maintenance of Sloventure website. Primary focus of the website is promotion of Slovenian tourism for German speaking visitors. Author of specified work: Matjaž Trček


Design of avertmedia.si webpage with PS. Regarding development of the website it was done using Wordpress CMS system with addition of custom written modules for auto-content updates in wordpress API, PHP and a bit of bash. Time duration: less than 1 month Author of specified work: Matjaž Trček

Mercedes-Benz eCommerce site maintenance

Worked as a code maintainer (bugfixes, website updates etc.) for mostly eCommerce part of Mercedes-Benz website system in Russian territories. Most of the work was in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Time duration: Several months Author of specified work: Matjaž Trček