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The following are some of my books from IT & programming that I really like and found them interesting, for me, personally. Hopefully some other people will find an inspiration and usefulness of it’s own in them. I know that majority of them is from Manning but what can I do, they make really good books in this genre 🙂

Java 8 in Action

JAVA developers, unite! May the force of lambdas and streams be upon you, even parallelization is easier then you ever imagined! This book explores Java 8 features (At the time of this writing newest version of Java) from lovely lambdas which weren’t available before and we could say the are like LINQ of C# in a way.

It guides you step by step with nice short examples that demonstrate new features in a convenient and useful way. I found it useful in helping me improve performance of some process intensive critical features I was working on. The most loved feature I’d say would be parallel streams for me.

But yes back to the book! The book is worth to read from established publisher with good track record, and a coworker already stolen the book for further investigation which tells spades about this particular title and it’s awesomness

Node.js in Action (First edition)

JS on zi server? Being serious? You bet I do! The Big Holy Node.js is highly scalable, high-performance web sever for our beloved web applications. I certainly love it’s queue magic which allows lots and lots of users using the page simultaneously.

Well the book is good but there is one big disadvantage in a sense. Technology is very rapid at the moment and changes with a blazing speed. Some material and stuff like express etc, changes too quickly and the content may not always be appropriate or up to date to material you will face in the real world. So even though the book was perfect when it came out, maybe now something more appropriate could be better (Such as for example same book Second edition which is currently being written).

Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists

Hello ChucK, how are you today? Yeah, it’s not a human nor a robot, but it’s awesome programming language though. Perfectly suited to musicians and artists and of course also classy programmers.

It makes it really easy to use sound files and manipulate them, as well things such as sound synthesis
and Serial I/O. If i remember correctly it makes it more useful and easy to deal with MIDI controllers directly through the code and access them through the ports, but don’t hold me on that one. The memory with that is a bit foggy.

In short, great for creating auto-generated, just-generated, MIDI connected, or specific programmatic music and sounds! Worth a try and exploration 🙂

C: The Complete Reference, 4th Ed. 4th Edition

This one is sitting like the Holy bible on the pedestal of eternity I built for this lovely book of C, the forbearer of all and bringer of ultimate utopia.

C: The total reference book focuses on C in a really TOTAL reference way, it goes through pretty much all or at least majority of the functions, principles such as pointers, loops well it’s too much to even mention, it goes certainly through pretty much everything. Great book for beginners, intermediates and pros alike interested in C which is pretty much the cover, the basic of modern programming in a sense. We got C++ out if it and in turn C# also lots of principles deviated from this nice example and branched out and got adapted else where.

So yes, this books certainly reminds me of my younger non-OOP days and how it was done in the oldie goldies.

Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual

Are you a programmer, which is kinda a bit shy and kinda don’t really understand so called “normal” people around you at times? Understand in a really full way, such as, ok this doesn’t look or act logical, why is it so, how can I function in this non-deterministic society? How can I understand from my different developer perspective the normal world, normal functioning, how to operate how to grow myself professionally and socially in a logistic and nice manner?  Well this is pretty much what this book is about, and in short yes, I would really summary it as a software developer’s life manual  for normal operation. Worth to check, not directly about programming but it certainly has it’s uses.

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