Semi-detached love story

I’m a house on the Oxfordshire road up the left,
You are the one,
Looking at me every day.

Opposite each other,
But one in heart.

The families of old 17th and 18th century cottages,
All around.

They despise what we have found,
Love where there wasn’t one.

What to do,
When the whole society is against you?

It’s enough!

One night,
When all other houses are in slumber deep.
We erect our foundations, and fly into space,
Fly fly till we reach an asteroid of Love.

For when we reached it,
Many years thereafter,
We have finally become one,
Individual but somehow,
Semi-detached house.

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About the Author:

Senior lead developer currently working in Java, architecture design, mix of tech from Front-end in JS and templating to chef,rundeck etc. For fun and challenge I am writing different blog posts from stories to poems, programming tutorials and many more. Currently working on my Masters degree on a part-time basis.