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When you start on IT you can often follow different career paths. In fact that’s what’s so fun about it!

You might like consulting and travelling around, become an expert in proprietary software for example, or if you’re a natural speaker/story teller the options are limitless.

Or you can also become an artisan developer and have broad knowledge about technology, putting your hands deep down on complex architecture and still keep a strong opinion on best practices on a variety of topics, namely in open source.

The ones more inclined for the latter find the (good or hard) way that working for a variety of startups can be more interesting than rather follow corporate jobs where the tasks might be very repetitive.

Working for a startup is not a sea of roses either but it’s quite interesting indeed. It can be a love/hate game but once you find something you care about everything else will seem to fall into place, that is… if you’re willing to work and I mean work.

Being on a startup often resounds “things moving fast”, “deciding fast, yey”. Well… but you have more to do as well, the company can be growing, hiring, training and there are always parallel tasks to do. It’s important to be organised and on top of things, getting engaged. That’s when you can get your hands dirty, working and understanding the product so that you can make it better.

Communication, communication, communication.

Implementing new features is cool not only for your repertoire but because it’s the moment to show your best work. Writing is important, talking and exchanging ideas is important, everything is important, coding comes as a consequence to how it should be.

If the information is not flowing or there’s a blocker it will be important to come back to the ones that are happy to help you make things great. Have a quick meeting, or have a walk, getting up for a few minutes can help getting out of that box.

Being there for the others grows more important as time goes by. New people will come to help and the less attrition exists in the company the easier it is to adapt to other difficulties. Unlike many in the corporate world, there is this element in startups where you can still know everyone by name and build relationships. It’s not like the business is already in place for many years. If all goes to pieces at least you can meet many interesting people, people you won’t be afraid to call in the future and try again with that idea.

Gut feelings.

Work should inspire and boost the other amazing things in life, if the company is good it’s possible to feel it before even working there. Trusting your gut often proves correct but after all, at the end of the day, what matters is that the path lying ahead is bright. Work should inspire and boost the other amazing things in life.

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