Realistic human & environment in Unity3d

This is a short demo made relatively quickly with use of MakeHuman, BlenderĀ and Unity3dĀ . 1.) MakeHuman object: First we created a "Human" which was aimed to be a jungle boy. For start simply open your MakeHuman program play with all the parameters and symetry etc. to get a desired effect. When you are happy with your model go under Files -> Export -> Collada and

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Collection of Blender tutorials

In the following post is a collection of various Blender tutorials, links to them, with a bit of description and other interesting other things. The Blender cookie site provides many interesting tutorials for you to start with 3D modeling, animations, and rendering till you will not want to render anymore. It's trully a vast collection of tutorials, except of their Tutorials and the first link Getting started,

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