Collection of Blender tutorials

In the following post is a collection of various Blender tutorials, links to them, with a bit of description and other interesting other things. The Blender cookie site provides many interesting tutorials for you to start with 3D modeling, animations, and rendering till you will not want to render anymore. It's trully a vast collection of tutorials, except of their Tutorials and the first link Getting started,

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Format € money snippet

The following function transforms the inputed numeric value for example var sum = 50.3 sum.formatMoney(2,',' , '.') + "€" and the output of this function is then 50,30€. As you notice it is quite simple to change it in $ or anything you desire. Number.prototype.formatMoney = function(c, d, t){ var n = this, c = isNaN(c = Math.abs(c)) ? 2 : c, d = d ==

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Correct width in all browsers (JS snippet)

This is a short JS snippet which is quite hard to find but it works like a charm. Basically with help of this JS snippet you get your width of the page correctly displayed in old IE6 and IE4 if you need to make it compatible with them or android/chrome/other browsers. function get_width() { var myWidth = 0; if(document.width) { //chrome myWidth = document.width; } else

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