Using OVPN as secure centralisation to your workstation


Why did I choose OVPN for me in this case? In short, this are the reasons:

  • Server location in Germany and Sweden
  • DNScrypt support
  • Their infrastructure does not store logs, neither their Custom Debian system has any support for SATA or USB.
  • Swedish jurisdiction
  • P2P protocol support allowed
  • And static IP4 support for centralisation in my case
  • some other add-ons that you can check on their website but I don’t really care for ATM. (Link HERE)
  • 4 simultaneous devices

Setup guide:

IP4 workstation:

For your workstation download their Windows client (or Mac’s OVPN client of course) Very simple setup, just use the OVPN credentials, with no extra certificates etc. required.


For iPhone you need to install OpenVPN Connect from the app store and send yourself a configuration file, which you’ll be able to download on Just be careful to select the one with IP4 and your specific server or pool.

After you open file on your iPhone, beetwen the sharing options choose Copy to OpenVPN.

Remote desktop

For remote desktop I prefer to use Windows Remote Desktop. They have clients for lots of systems from iOS to OS X to Windows to Android. They are fairly up to date, with all bells and whistles you could wish for in your remote access clients. There are a lot alternatives out there so try whatever your heart desires. But for me the ease of use, and Microsoft’s recent years return to glory in some software is a big plus for me, at least in this case.

URL for more info:



My experience in using this 2 combinations is that it works like a charm. The only thing to be careful a bit off is to only use IPv4 module from OVPN only on the computer which you wish to dedicate as the workstation.




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